Children’s Quilt Patterns

Our patterns are now available on our Etsy Shop, Quilt With Us Patterns. Click on the link below to go to our shop. Blake’s Jungle is available there as a digital download. The others will be available in that format soon.

A prices include shipping.

Brock’ Bots

A happy robot taking his bot dot out for a walk, two smiling ots walking hand in hand and a bot pile with a slightly fearful bot on the top and some of the blocks on this delightful chils’s quilt. Approximately 43″ x 43″.


Blake’s Jungle

A smiling giraffe, rainbow striped zebra and purple hippo surround a friendly lions of this delightful children’s quilt. Easy fusible applique makes this project quick for any quilter. Finished size approximately 39″ x 39″.


Morgan’s Monster Madness

Bright and colorful monsters smile at everyone from this happy quilt. Easy fusible techniques make this a great project for all quilters. Approximately 41″ x 41″.


Eli’s Forest Friends

Easy fusible applique is used to make the smiling creatures on this child’s quilt. Approximately 41″ x 41″.


Jacob’s Funny Farm

A purple cow, a pink pig and a blue sheep are just three of the happy farm animals of this adorable quilt. The fusible applique technique is quick and easy. Approximately 41″ x 41″.


Rachel’s Fairytale

Every little girl dreams of her very own Prince Charming. Change the color of the princess’ hair and eyes to match your own little princess. The smiling dragon and unicorn are part of every little girl’s playtime. Easy fusible applique makes this 39″ x 39″ quilt.


Bears In My Window

Each window of this quilt features a happy little bear in a different pose. Easy fusible applique and bright colors make this sweet little quilt. Approximately 42″ x 42″.


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