Easter Train


Choose the blocks you like to make his cute Easter Train runner to add to your celebration. The runner pictured is 13″ x 51″. Each block is 8″ tall and varies between 4″ and 5″ wide. The runner can be made smaller by using fewer cars. I made this one for my daughter to use on her entertainment center.

Easter Train 2


These designs are very dense. They require 35 to 60 minutes to stitch and have from 9 to 18 thread changes. Each order will be custom made. Instructions for completing the runner will be included. Please allow 7 days for delivery.


Bunny Engine and two cars

Choose any two of the cars. Indicate the name of the cars in the comment section of the invoice.


Bunny Engine and 4 cars

Choose any additional four cars. List the names in the comment section on the invoice.


Bunny Engine and 6 cars

Choose any 6 additional cars. Indicate the names in the comment section on the invoice.


Complete Train

The bunny engine and all 8 additional cars.


Bunny Engine




Hatching Chick


Egg with Flowers and Bees


Little Lamb


Egg with Bow


Painting Chick


Egg with Butterflies


Chocolate Bunny




Designs from EmbroideryLibrary.com